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2013 Workshop Audio

Below you will find several of the workshops from the 2013 RYS National Convention. To listen, simply click on the link. Kathy Arrick’s workshop should be added in the next day or two. Enjoy!

Rev. Jeremy Veldman – Waiting on the Lord

Rev. Mike Schout – After High School, Then What?…

Rev. Shane Lems – Grow Up!

Rev. Robert Godfrey – Depths of Depression

Rev. Steve Arrick – Breaking with Idolatry

Rev. Wybren Oord – Recruits for Christ

Rev. Jon Bushnell – Have You Forsaken Me?

Rev. Paul Murphy – Prince or Punk?

Mr. Aaron Warner – Ready to Defend Your Faith?

Rev. Larry Johnson – Get Real

Mrs. Kathy Arrick – Princess or Diva?