reformed youth services

Committed to the Spiritual and Social Nurturing of our Covenant Youth

Pastor Testimonies


“I have always supported RYS as an invaluable service to our covenant youth. We saw first hand what an enrichment it can be to our young people as my wife and I were guests at the Convention. We were deeply impressed with the consistently Reformed messages that were eagerly received by the youth. I am very grateful to RYS for their part in nurturing our covenant youth.”

Rev. Ronald Scheuers
Pastor emeritus, 1st URC of Chino, CA


“Having had the privilege and opportunity of serving in youth ministry for several years, I continue to have heartfelt appreciation and the highest regard for the ministry of Reformed Youth Services. My hope and prayer is that, by God’s grace and from a distinctively Reformed perspective, RYS will continue to challenge our covenant youth to mature physically, mentally, socially and spiritually all to the glory of God.”

Rev. Richard Kuiken, former pastor of Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church, Pompton Plains, NJ


“In a world where our youth are increasingly tempted on every side, I am deeply grateful for the ministry of Reformed Youth Services. RYS has proved faithful in its commitment to serve our youth while upholding the joy and beauty of the Reformed faith as the clearest expression of the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. RYS has been a tremendous blessing to our youth, our church, and to me personally. I give thanks to the Lord for raising up this much-needed ministry.”

Rev. Brian Vos,
Pastor, Trinity United Reformed Church, Caledonia, MI