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Be Less 

“Be Less.” What images come to mind with this short phrase?  Maybe some envision a slogan for a new weight-loss program.  Others, perhaps, associate the phrase with whatever attitude or action might be true in their lives (e.g., be less sarcastic, be less hypocritical, be less obsessive, be less obnoxious). Though these might be true and even necessary, the theme will instead address matters relating to our spiritual lives.  Throughout the week we will explore how this phrase helps define the Christian life.  First in our relationship with God – that He must increase, and we must decrease.  Second, in our relationship with others – how being less helps us live-out loving our neighbor as ourselves.  In a self-absorbed culture, spending a week turning our attention to God and others will be time well spent – a helpful corrective to equip us to live God-glorifying lives.


In addition to the main sessions, a total of 10 workshops, small devotional groups, wonderful Christian fellowship and inspirational singing will be featured. We truly hope you will be able to attend the 2022 RYS National Youth Convention to be held July 18-22 at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota, D.V.


Main Speakers

Rev. Russell Herman is the pastor of Cloverdale URC in Boise, ID. Pastor Herman presented workshops in 2019 and 2021. Rev. Breno Macedo is the pastor of Messiah’s IRC in Holland, MI.  Pastor Macedo was also a workshop speaker at both the 2019 and 2021 conventions.


Day Away & Other Fun Stuff!

This year’s convention day away will be the Valleyfair Amusement Park. With dozens and dozens of rides and attractions, Valleyfair offers something for everyone. In addition to thrilling roller coasters, enjoy some entertaining live shows. Boys and girls basketball, soccer and co-ed volleyball tournaments will be held, as well as a 5K run, with RYS prizes going to the winning teams. A variety of non-sport activities will also be available to enjoy. If you have a special talent to share, please start making plans today to try out for our annual talent show. God-glorifying variety is highly encouraged! After signing up, register your act by emailing us at by June 1.


Registration Fees:

Member Churches

  • Prior to April 15: $435.00 (U.S.) per person
  • April 16-30: $485.00 (U.S.) per person

Non-member Churches

  • Prior to April 15: $485.00 (U.S.) per person
  • April 16-30: $535.00 (U.S.) per person
  • After April 30: you may be placed on a waiting list by contacting RYS Director Ed DeGraaf at (616) 667-0694 or




  • Students must be at least age 14, but no older than 19 by convention, and must have completed grade 9 in school, but no more than grade 12 immediately prior to convention. Students may attend no more than four conventions. No “super seniors.”
  • Choose one or two roommates or go potluck. Most rooms are triples. Roommate(s) must also list you on their registration forms.



Please contact the RYS Director Ed DeGraaf at or (616) 667-0694.

For more information, click to view the brochure here!


How to Register:

 Create an online account (or use last year’s) and complete the registration form.

This year, you may register multiple people with one email address if you wish.



St. Paul, Minnesota

  • RYS Convention
    July 18, 2022 - July 22, 2022
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Member Churchshow details + $435.00 (USD)  
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April 16, 2022
Non-Member Churchshow details + $485.00 (USD)  
Non-Member Church Lateshow details + $535.00 (USD)   Goes On Sale
April 16, 2022