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Committed to the Spiritual and Social Nurturing of our Covenant Youth

Convention 2019


Main sessions

Monday – Rev. Paul Murphy

Tuesday – Rev. Bradd Nymeyer

Wednesday – Rev. Paul Murphy

Thursday – Rev. Bradd Nymeyer

Friday – Rev. Paul Murphy



Rev. CJ Den Dulk – Sloth is Not Only an Animal

Rev. Breno Macedo – Biblical Justice: The Christian Standard for Social Justice 

Social Justice – Presentation at 2019 Convention


Rev. Paul Ipema – Good and Angry

Rev. Nick Smith – Why Do I Feel This Way?

Rip Pratt – The Future is not Only Tomorrow

Rev. Russell Herman – Are Everyone’s Parents as Clueless as Mine?

Rev. Zach Wyse – 7-Day Christian

Mary Jo Cox – Radical Women

Rev. Aaron Verhoef – Radical Men