RYS Philosophical Beliefs

RYS Philosophical Basis

[Adopted by the RYS Board of Directors – May 2000]

Philosophy – Ministry to youth is vitally important in these times when they are being influenced by the media and worldly philosophies which run counter to the teachings of the Bible. Reformed Youth Services exists for the purpose of ministering the timeless truths of the Bible to youth in a way that is distinctively Reformed. The five principles that govern this ministry can be summarized as follows:


Sola Scriptura: One of the essential truths that arose out of the Protestant Reformation is that all Christian teaching be based on the inspired, infallible, inerrant Bible, not on human or church tradition. RYS is committed to communicating the great Biblical truths in a Reformed way as opposed to one based on human emotion or tradition.

Covenant: As a Reformed organization, RYS recognizes that God deals with His people on the basis of the covenant of grace. This covenant holds Christian parents and the Christian church accountable to press home the claims and demands of the covenant that God has made with us and our children; the claims of faith and obedience.

Confessional: RYS is committed to communicating the great truths of Scripture accurately, from a Reformed perspective, through teaching materials, speakers and music which are in accord with the perspective of the Three Forms of Unity, the Westminster Standards and the Ecumenical Creeds.

Experiential: John Calvin once said, “The best method of seeking God is to begin at His Word, after this experimental knowledge is added.” Experimental or experiential knowledge is added to the life of a believer when he begins to experience in his life, the power of God working in and upon the truths of Scripture in a very personal and meaningful way. We believe that this is best accomplished in three ways: by developing study material and providing speakers that address issues which face today’s youth; by providing local, regional and national level activities. RYS promotes among its member churches an annual national youth convention which celebrates our unity in Christ as Reformed Christians; and by emphasizing the centrality of the church in covenant of worship as a means of expressing His covenant of grace.

Christian World and Life View: One of the distinctives of the Reformed faith throughout time is its emphasis that requires Christians to live all of life to the honor and glory of God. RYS is committed to teaching youth that their attitude toward worship, work, academics, relationships, music, art and sports is to be one that is first and foremost for the glory of God.