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Committed to the Spiritual and Social Nurturing of our Covenant Youth

RYS Library Resource Materials

The resources listed below are only available to RYS member churches and are not available for public sale. If your church is not a member of Reformed Youth Services and is interested in more information about our organization, please have your pastor, elder, deacon or youth leaders contact RYS Director Ed DeGraaf at 616.667.0694 or for a RYS membership packet. Member Churches

Discussion Material Booklets (spiral bound-published in 2006-2015)

Covenant Evangelism (a) by Pastor Jeff Doll

Fighting the War Against Temptation (a) by Pastor Jeff Doll

Prayer by Pastor Jeff Doll

A Covenant with Our Eyes by Pastor Jeff Doll

Amusing Yourself to Death by Rev. Jacques Roets 

Sign of the Times by Pastor Jeff Doll

Lovers of God Rather than Lovers of Pleasure by Rev. Jacques Roets

Profitable Devotions: The ABCs of Bible Study by Rev. Mike Schout

It’s Cool to Be Me, Right? by Rev. Mike Schout   

Tech Time by Rev. Chip Byrd 

Setting a Guard by Rev. Chip Byrd

After High School, Then What? by Rev. Mike Schout

Got Wisdom? by Rev. Paul Murphy

Guard Your Heart by Rev. Paul Murphy

(a) (Separate Leader & Student versions available)

DVDs of RYS National Convention Main Sessions

2004– Rev. Phil Grotenhuis & Rev. Jason Tuinstra

2005– Rev. Phil Grotenhuis & Mr. Rip Pratt

2006– Rev. Jason Tuinstra & Rev. Rich Kuiken

2007– Rev. Paul Murphy & Phil Vos

2008– Rev. Jason Tuinstra & Pastor Jeff Doll

2009– Rev. Rich Kuiken & Mr. Robert M. Godfrey

2010– Rev. C.J. den Dulk & Rev. Ed Marcusse

2011– Rev. Jason Tuinstra and Rev. Bob VanManen

2012– Rev. Wybren Oord and Rev. Bill Godfrey

2013– Rev. Greg Lubbers and Rev. Bill Boekestein

DVDs of LOGOS Young Adults Conference Sessions

2004– Rev. Rich Kuiken

DVDs (available from RYS lending library)

Choosing My Religion by RC Sproul

Fear & Trembling by RC Sproul

Demolishing Strongholds by Answers in Genesis

Ultimate Issues by RC Sproul