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Dress Code/Rules 2022

Posted by on Jan 6, 2022




The RYS Board and convention planning committee is recommending a policy per I Timothy 2:9, “to dress modestly, with decency and propriety.” It is our responsibility to provide a proper atmosphere for biblical learning and fellowship. We would respectfully ask you to honor the policies stated below during the entire convention, including the day away and sports tournaments. Ultimately, dress code is at the discretion of the Board and convention committee.



u Should be modest and loose-fitting, covering all personal areas (including midriffs and cleavage), not showing undergarments


u Sleeves are required (no tank tops, sleeveless shirts, cold shoulders or cut-outs)


u Should not contain writing or images of an inappropriate nature




u All shorts will require a 5 inch inseam or longer.


u No writing on the seat, no obvious holes.


u Modest and loose-fitting, not showing undergarments


u Sports events: dress code still applies



  • Modest one-piece or tankinis (covering midriff and cleavage) with straps (for ladies).


u No speedos for the guys


We respectfully require that you adhere to the above recommendations for the good of the convention and the honor of Christ’s name. Thank you.


The RYS National Convention Planning Committee



Convention Rules


Conventioneers will be cooperative, contribute to the well-being of all, participate in convention activities and abide by all rules determined by the convention committee.


  1. No entering the dorm rooms of persons of the opposite sex. Boys and girls may not occupy the same dorm room at any time.
  2. No possession or use of alcohol or drugs on campus or off campus.
  3. No smoking at any time (including sponsors). It is illegal under United States law for persons under the age of 18 to smoke. This includes all tobacco products. Vaping is not allowed.
  4. Weapons, knives and explosive devices are not permitted.
  5. Conventioneers will adhere to the dress code at all times, including tournaments and day away.
  6. Conventioneers will respect college property and may be held responsible for property damages incurred.
  7. Attendance at all convention functions is mandatory.
  8. No electronic equipment, including cell phones (until Friday morning for students), computers, ipods, video games, etc.


Rules Violation Consequences (new in 2022)

Students that are caught outside after our designated curfew and are resistant to committee direction to return to their dorm will be considered to be in violation of their promise to “abide by all rules determined by the committee.”

Such students’ convention experience will be concluded after breakfast the following morning and may not be able to attend next year’s event, if an underclassman.

If a rules infraction occurs Monday through Wednesday, student will be sent home at their personal expense.


These rules were printed on the registration form and electronically signed by everyone.