reformed youth services

Committed to the Spiritual and Social Nurturing of our Covenant Youth

What Is RYS?

What is RYS? – Reformed Youth Services (RYS)

is a youth ministry organization committed to the spiritual and social nurturing of our covenant youth. We affirm a biblical worldview that emphasizes that young people live all of life to the honor and glory of God. We strive to model a vibrant, joyous and challenging reformed faith that is inspiring and contagious. We are dedicated to a covenantal, confessional way of life exhibited in our local churches and homes.

We believe that both the content and form of youth ministry is important and must be consistent with our beliefs and at our events. As the post-modern culture wages war with our youth, the Church must do everything it can to counter these attacks. Through its retreats, conferences, conventions and lesson material, RYS strives to encourage, edify, and equip the young people led to our programs so they can grow in the grace and knowledge or our Lord and become healthy 21st century disciples of Christ.

RYS offers young people from junior high to age 30 opportunities to grow in their faith and glorify the Lord. Some of these events include junior high retreats, regional high school retreats, an international high school convention, post-high retreats and conferences, and topical lesson material. At all of our events, we aspire to do everything in a winsome manner and to the glory of God. We are dedicated to promoting the timeless truths of the historic reformed faith and the heritage of our forefathers.

Who is RYS?

Our membership consists of churches that promote and agree with RYS’ perspective of reformed youth ministry. Since 1996, more than 85 congregations representing 24 states and provinces throughout the United States and Canada have joined our fellowship. We view our member churches as our partners in this ministry. RYS’ ministry is accountable to a representative board, which is in turn accountable to the consistory of Cornerstone United Reformed Church in Hudsonville, MI. To contact RYS, email us at or (616) 667-0694.